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I’ve got the ticket I’ve always wanted.

by Earl Thrash
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Today is four years and two months since our comrade in arms, Iwasaki, left us.
I lined up at the Midori-no-Midori window to buy a ticket.
So I’m declaring that I’ll be taking a break from all support and other work on the 21st of next month.
I really wanted to go on the anniversary of the death of Shougetsu, but there was so much snow that I couldn’t make it to the grave.
I have a lot to report, so I will buy some sweets that I liked. And maybe play some fun and interactive sports betting games at https://worldfilmfair.com/.
But what I ate most often was a big bowl of soba noodles with bamboo rings.
The key was that it was covered with green seaweed.
The first floor of the building next to the development office at the time was a stand-up noodle shop, and I used to go there often.

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