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Which are the Best Residential Solar Panels?

by Earl Thrash
A person installing sola panels

Integrated Solar Panels are used as the mode to generate electricity through the use of solar cells. They are the most efficient and renewable way to produce electricity by using the most natural and primary energy source, i.e. the sun. They are also used for heating purposes. Moreover, they are used as a weapon against the detrimental emissions of Green House gases which in turn results in Global Warming. Let us discuss it in detail.

Preferred residential solar panels

Households nowadays are being built with inbuilt solar panels to reduce their cost of electricity bills in the long run. They may be costly initially, but it’s a one-time investment favourable to both society and the consumer. Some of the best residential solar panels which are preferred by the households’ are-
Vikram Solar– It’s one of the leading brands in the market, and more importantly, it’s made in India; it is cost-optimized to ensure the best value of money. It is designed in a way that it can withstand heavy wind loads during bad weather conditions.
TATA Power Solar- Its India’s one of the most trusted brand. It has undertaken more than 10,000 residential projects in India with 200 MW+ installations and has about more than 25 years. Moreover, it provides service support 24*7 which gives the consumer peace of mind while making such an investment.
LG Solar- LG has been one of the most preferred brands in India in terms of home appliances, and the solar panel is one of them. It focuses on the optimal use of the roof area through high module efficiency, which reduces the installation cost because fewer modules mean saving of mounting materials and time. It has a significantly higher system power. And it also keeps in mind the consumer’s taste and preferences.
Panasonic Solar Power- It’s one of the oldest and trusted brands in India. It has been supplying solar panels for more than four decades. It focuses on deploying high-efficiency modules that responses effectively to environmental conditions on the rooftop. It’s consumer-friendly on account of feasibility, high-quality engineering, construction and maintenance services.
Solar Power- It’s one of the best companies in the world in terms of solar panels. It is the highest performing and best looking solar systems and is long-lasting for approximately 40 years. It takes 25 conventional panels to produce the same amount of energy as just 18 sun power panels, which means a more attractive compact system on your roof and more space to grow.
Above mentioned solar panels have their specific details and are preferred by the customers according to their needs. Some of the points that consumers look for while purchasing a solar panel are its feasibility, customer support, energy produced, better looking, warranty, long-lasting, cost-efficient, environment friendly, etc. But they are other panels in the market, which are also considered efficient, such as Axitec, Canadian Solar, Centrosolar, Surana Solar, Satvik, Waree Solar, Moser Baer Solar Limited Panchwakra Solar etc.

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