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Friends” demo version vol.1 released

by Earl Thrash
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We are pleased to announce the release of the demo version vol.1 of “Friends”, which we have been waiting for.
Although you can’t choose the options, I think you can get a feel for the atmosphere and characters of the game.
Erika and Mio are very active, so please try it out.
There’s also a Vol. 2 in Vol. 1!

And the second character introduction is “Nachi Yuka”.
The second ship of the Myoko-type heavy cruiser.
It is a treaty-class heavy cruiser equipped with five 20.3cm twin turrets, but its defense is thicker than that of other heavy cruisers of the same era. It was also called the “hungry wolf” because of its fearless impression. (Some say it was sarcasm.)
This Nachi collided with the Mogami, which was badly damaged and burned in the Surigao Strait.
I don’t know if there is any collision between Yuka and Yui in the movie. It will be fun to see if there will be a collision between Yuka and Yui in this story.

Anyway, she’s got a lot of “big sister, breasts, and black hair” elements, so there will be events that take advantage of those elements, so please look forward to them.

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