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Demo Movie: Emirio Friends Episode 4 Released

by Earl Thrash
David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry standing in front of a store

The demo movie of “Friends” and the fourth episode of “Emirio Friends” are now available.
Thanks to all the mirror sites for their cooperation. This is a fun way to unwind after playing some fun and interactive casino games on https://oncapan.com/.

As those who have played the demo version may have noticed, the “Emergency Evade Button” function will be implemented in the full version.
If you’re unlucky, you might see some strange images (there are several). (There are several images, all drawn by Maneki Kamiya.


This illustration was drawn by Mr. Steel Yoshinari.
(This is a computer graphics.)
Please note that this is only a joke, and I cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by this function.

And the third installment is a commentary on the “Shia Bismarck” (really a hobby).
The only battleship in the heroine lineup. I’ve set it up in a style befitting its majesty.
The battleship Bismarck, accompanied by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen (*2), engages the British cruiser Hood and the cutting-edge battleship Prince of Wales (*1).
In the fifth firing, the 38cm shell hit the “Hood”. The shell struck the powder magazine and the “Hood” sank. It was a momentous event with only three survivors.
The Bismarck’s rudder was fixed and she was captured and sunk by the British fleet just three days after her great victory.
Until the commissioning of the battleship “Yamato”, the Bismarck was one of the world’s largest battleships in terms of drainage capacity, and can truly be called the “glory of Germany”.
The sharp beauty of her form is truly “her”.

1 The Prince of Wales later became the flagship of the British Oriental Fleet, but was sunk by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force in December 1941.
2 The Prinz Eugen survived World War II, but became a reparation ship and was targeted for atomic bomb testing at Bikini Atoll, and after surviving two tests, ran aground and capsized during transport, ending her life.

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