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Update: “Emirio Friends” Episode 6

by Earl Thrash
A close up of a womans face

Finally, episode 6 of “Emirio Friends” is released.
This will be the last episode.
I thought it would be difficult to challenge myself to do 12 episodes per school year next time.
It’s a lot of work. Luckily, I could play my favorite sports betting games via UFABET.

And for the usual chit-chat, we have the fifth character, Suzuya Mio.
In the main story, she looks like a simple girl, but in reality, she’s not so simple.
She is also the girl who changed the most from the first plan.

I had other candidates, but since “Mikuma” and “Kumano” had the same “bear”, it was inevitable that I chose “Suzuya”.
It was inevitable that “Suzuya” was chosen.
At this point, it was also decided that “Ibuki” would become the sub-character “Naomi”.
The design of the “Ibuki” was slightly different from the “Mogami” due to the Fourth Fleet incident.
She participated in many naval battles such as the Malay Landings, the Battle of Batavia, the Second Battle of the Solomons, and the Battle of Midway.
In the Battle of Leyte in 1944, she was attacked by U.S. aircraft while pursuing a U.S. escort carrier unit, ending her life.
When completed, she was equipped with five 15.5cm triple-barreled guns and five 20.3cm guns.

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