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Most Anticipated Mobile Games

by Earl Thrash
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In the handheld and mobile market, 2019 brought the Wii U handheld integration, an iPad Mini, new Kindle FIre devices, and a slew of new smart phones including the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III. The trends and innovation in technology are moving toward more handheld/mobile devices and applications. With handheld consoles, you can now also seamlessly play 온라인 카지노 online. Gaming is no different. 2020 is now upon us, so let’s see what it has in store for mobile gamers.

One important disclaimer before I begin the the main event. This list of anticipated games includes both indie games and mainstream games, first time developers and veteran developers, Android and iOS. With that being said, this list should satisfy any gamer’s personal preference and style.


iOS/Multi-Platform (Simulation/Adventure/Strategy)

The indie developers Team Meat, who brought us the much loved and addictive game Super Meat Boy are hard at work on a new project. They’re calling it Mew-Genics. Details of the game have been released weekly from Team Meet; like bread crumbs from Hansel and Gretel they give their fans teasers and tidbits of information one by one. The 11th teaser was just recently revealed. A recap of all 11 teasers tells us that in Mew-Genics you can do the following strange and bizarre things:

Become a Pageant Mom. Interact with characters like Mr. Tinkles, Dr. Beanies, Tracy and Butch. Featuring millions of CATS! 20 recorded songs. Trinkets and a Trinket Display Case. Multi-platform. Mr. Tinkles annual Boon county cat pageant. Cryo-Cube 5000 – perfect for freezing cats! And more to come.


iOS (Action/Adventure/Platformer)

Badland is developed by Frogmind, two Finnish developers, who were part of the Trials Evolution team, a massively successful XBLA franchise. They moved on and now have created an artistic and visually lush game for iOS. It is described as an atmospheric, side-scrolling action adventure. The characters: A fluffy, hedgehog like creature. The location: A silhouetted jungle full of traps and other hazards. Features: four time changes, 12 different power-ups, character cloning, and other features that all affect the gameplay in unique ways. Many have compared this game to the visual style of Limbo and if the two games do share that similarity, great things are in store for Badland.

Assassin’s Creed: Utopia

iOS/Android (Simulation/Action/Adventure)

With the late 2019 release of Assassin’s Creed III, one might wonder if the world of gaming is ready for another Assassin’s Creed installment so soon. Assassin’s Creed: Utopia is a iOS and Android though, has a tentative release date of Winter 2020, and the gameplay is very different than the rest of the Assassin’s Creed games. First of all, Utopia focuses on building an “Utopian colonial city.” Simulation style gameplay is not featured in any other game in the series, so that should be an interesting twist. Time will tell. One thing is for certain: the fighting, assassinating, and stealthy thievery will all be present and chocked full of entertainment.

Halfling Wars

@iOS/Android (Simulation/RPG)

Now for a completely new and mostly unknown gem currently in development and on Kickstarter. Halfling Wars is the life-long dream soon to be fulfilled of two brothers who formed an indie game developer called ChondroStrike. The game draws inspiration from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and other great simulation/building/farming games, but it has its own unique storyline, fantasy characters and creatures, and vast array of gameplay features. At the start you choose your alliance: Halfling, Darkling, or both simultaneously. As either character you can build a village and realm, farm crops, raise/breed creatures, conquer neighboring enemies, battle your creature against a friend’s creature, make bets on the battles, complete quests, engage in mini-games, and more. Definitely keep an eye on this one!

Infinity Blade: Dungeons

iOS (Action/RPG)

The first two installments in the Infinity Blade iOS series was hugely successful and amazing games to boot. They were developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games who pioneered the Unreal Engine games for mobile devices. Now they soon release the third installment: Dungeons. By the looks of it, the gameplay has been altered quite a bit, including an all-new top-down view like Diablo and other similar games. This will open the door for more exploration and a larger world, though the battling system will still be there.


iOS/Android (Adventure/Platformer)

Another Kickstarter game relatively unknown compared to the giants like Double Fine Adventure’s 3 million dollar campaign is Axle. Recent graduates of Chapman University and Obsidian Entertainment team members formed an indie developer Fallstreak Studio to develop their first game Axle. The game made it’s debut by winning 1st place at the IEEE Gamesig Intercollegiate Showcase and was successfully funded on Kickstarter. In Axle you become a gear named Axle and must “master twisting, turning, dangerous world of machines” in order to stay alive and find the necessary repairs to do so. A more lighthearted game than some on this list, it’s definitely recommended for all ages.

The Witness

iOS (Strategy/Puzzle/Adventure)

From the creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow comes the long-awaited iOS game that still is clouded in secrecy which is Blow’s usual style. The Witness is a strategy game that involves exploring an uninhabited island and solving puzzles along the way. The complex puzzle system is the norm for Blow based on what gamers experienced in Braid. The visual style is distinctly different, fluffier and wispier, reminiscent of The Mist or Super Mario Galaxy. Read his blog for more details.

Those 7 games should give you a good starting point of mobile games to watch for in 2020. There are plenty more exciting releases, some of which I’ll discuss in a subsequent article. Stay tuned and keep a close eye on 2020 in the world of gaming. It might just beat out 2019.

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