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“Draw Something” Breaking Mobile Game Download Records

by Earl Thrash
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Draw Something, the addictive social drawing game created by OMGPOP and recently purchased by Zynga, has gone viral, at least according to CNET, which says that Draw Something has become the fastest growing mobile game ever. The International Business Times is reporting that Draw Something was downloaded fifty million times in just fifty days.

For those that haven’t yet given the game a try, it’s pretty straightforward. Once a user downloads the app, they can draw a picture of anything they like. Once they have it completed to their satisfaction, they pass it along to a friend who is supposed to try to guess what it’s a picture of, and then to add to the drawing themselves. Players who want to add to the picture can buy additional colors and brushes to get more creative with the drawing. The second player is then free to pass it along to someone else to allow for more additions until at last, a final product is made. Once that occurs, any of the players are free to upload the picture to one of many sites that do nothing but show the pictures that Draw Something users have created. And after some fun gaming sessions, you could then sit back and relax and play some fun เว็บแทงบอล online. 

The game, which CNET likens to Pictionary, has been number one in downloads on iTunes for the entire two months it’s existed. Just recently, the game has been made available for Android devices as well. They also report that thus far, over six million pictures have been created by game players, some of which have been described by users of the site as simply amazing.

Draw Something, which users can download for free, was acquired by Zynga just last month for $180 million, but IBT says that the company has earned far more than that in just the past week, due to ads that appear with the game and payments from users for the tools to make their drawings look better.

CNET says one of the draws of the game is the fact that users can draw anytime anywhere, because they use their Smartphone. Also, there is the pride element as game players almost always believe their drawing skills are better than their friends, so competitions arise. But the thing that has had the most impact, it appears, in helping the game go viral, is its buzz factor, something that cannot be factored in when designing games, but that almost always accounts for its degree of sucess. And by all measures, Draw Something, has more buzz than any other mobile app in history, including Angry Birds.

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