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Dell’s Alienware M11x Mini Gaming PC

by Earl Thrash
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Dell’s Alienware gaming laptops usually go from $1,400.00 to $1,800.00 according to Dell’s website. The three laptops featured on the front page are one 15″ laptop and two 17″ laptops. With these gaming laptops, although they are very good, they do need some extras, as Dell suggests adding onto them for better gaming and multimedia purposes. With this machine, you could play sports betting games via https://betend.io/ uninterrupted and maybe get your money’s worth. 

With the new Alienware M11x Mini Gaming PC, it’s all there already. Just to add to the already exceptional features, it will be going for less than $1000. More than $400.00 less than the Alienware laptops already in sales. You can go to this site, and answer an easy question and be entered to win Dell’s brand new Alienware M11x Mini Gaming PC for free! Also, if you qualify for credit with them, payments are very low, and if paid in full within a year’s time there will be no interest. This is just the money side of things, but in hard economic times like these, if you are going to treat yourself, you can do it on a budget and get your money’s worth.

Don’t be fooled by the small size- 11″ notebook, because it packs quite a punch. While working on things that are not high graphics, the battery power will last you a great six hours. If you are using it for gaming, and using it to its highest degree with all the best graphics and options on, it will last two hours. That’s a great amount of time when using it to its highest power. When switching between powers, you will not have to log off, you can just easily switch between graphics without the need to reboot.

Easy to carry around, you can do your work and play anywhere you want to go. If you want to game in larger than life display, this Alienware M11x Mini Gaming PC comes with DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA ports so it can be hooked up to larger monitors and even HDTV. Besides those, it also has 3 USBs and a SIM slot. The Alienware M11x Mini Gaming PC has 11.1″ 720p display with NVIDIA GT335M and integrated graphics. And after a good gaming session on this compact beast, you could relax, unwind and play some fun บาคาร่าsa online and possibly make some money.
I’m not the brightest with new technology, but I have to say this all sounds good even to me. When I showed this information to my son he was extremely excited (he’s fourteen) and has already decided he will be saving all his money for this new gaming PC. Despite his age, he does spend wisely and isn’t one to just jump on a new fad. He looks at all specs and makes a decision on facts, so it must be worth the price, as he doesn’t part with his money unless it’s well worth it. I sure hope so, because as much as it is cheaper and better than it’s counterparts, that’s still a lot of money.

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