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PC Controller for PC Gaming

by Earl Thrash
A hand holding a remote control

Finding a good PC controller for your computer is not always an easy task. You may think that buying the cheapest PC controller may be the best idea but you will quickly regret that decision if you make it. There are many other factors that can influence your decision on buying the PC controller for your PC. Most of them are involved with any complications that may affect you ability to play the game properly.

For example, there is one PC controller that I would definitely not recommend for action games or any other real time and sports games like tennis where rackets like the ones from https://tennisracquets.com/ are being used. The Philips Recoil PC controller is a definite no-no. The retractable cord is very promising but the PC controller itself is very displeasing. The retractable cord reduces the risk of you mistakenly tripping over the cord and almost completely erases the chances of it becoming tangled into a mess. The retractable core is very thin however. This means that the cord will naturally break itself after a short while from normal wear and tear.

The most detrimental thing about the Philips Recoil PC controller is that the precision on the analog sticks is generic. On many games when you press up it does not deliver the full force of the axis. For example, on Final Fantasy XI you will see that you will sometimes walk instead of run when you are pressing up on the analog axis with full throttle. This can translate to several other games that will prove to be very bad to your game play such the ability to play Madden. This is a relaxing way to unwind after playing some casino games at thebayarcade.com.

Also the axis of the analog sticks may eventually become stuck into a slightly right position. This means that on some games you will be constantly moving right. On other games you may find that the camera view will always be turning if the other analog stick controls the camera’s view.

The PC controller that I use is Microsoft’s XBOX 360 PC controller for PC. The precision never messes up and it has been over a year since I have had it. I have been through 3 Philips Recoil PC controllers. Even when I first bought the Philips Recoil PC controller it begins to mess up. I figured that I would see a difference since I had a new computer and I was no longer using Windows XP. Even on Windows Vista it acts up.

Fortunately both of these PC controllers are under $20. So you do not have to take my word for it. These controllers would come in handy when you want to chill and relax after winning some fun casino games on https://floorballontario.com/.

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