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Emirio Friends” Episode 5 Released

by Earl Thrash
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So, here is the fifth episode of “Emirio Friends”.
It’s a half-course series, so next week will be the last episode.
Eirika’s freedom is too much, as usual.
All of “Emirio Friends” is composed, directed, and produced by KIYUZUKADai.
He’s really a multi-talented person.
And then the chatter turned to Freedom Eirika.

The fourth character introduction is Eirika Suzutsuki.
She is a slender character that has never been seen before, so we decided to name her after a destroyer for the first time.
(Although the number of battleships is limited.

And how did I choose Ryougetsu out of all the destroyers?
Probably the most famous destroyer is the Yukikaze.
It also appears in the Space Battleship thing, and is something like a battle fairy or something.
The Yukikaze participated in the Battle of Cape Bon and survived, but three other ships, the Fuyutsuki, Ryougetsu, and Hatsushimo, also returned.
I chose Ryougetsu because I thought Fuyutsuki would be a sub-commander and Hatsuhimo would be different from the character’s image.
In “Friends”, she leads the story in a slightly different way than the other four characters, but Erika has her own problems, so I think it will be interesting to see the other side of Freedom.

During the Battle of Cape Bounomisaki, the bow of the Ryougetsu sinks when she sails forward due to damage, so she goes astern (backward) to return to Japan with no charts or compass.
After arriving in Sasebo, Ryōgetsu was finally seated when she entered the dock, but after emergency repairs, she was moored and the war came to an end.
After that, she was used as a breakwater along with her sister ship Fuyutsuki and the Momo destroyer Yanagi. (It is buried in concrete, so you can’t see it directly.

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