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Friends” Official Mail Order Now Open and Miscellaneous

by Earl Thrash
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We’ve started accepting orders for the official “Friends” mail order, which we’ve been waiting for.
We worked very hard on the bonus blanket, so the quality is quite high.
It’s a made-to-order product, so please pay attention to the deadline.
Since we’re accepting orders by e-mail, data entry into Excel is a manual process, so it’ll be tough if we get a lot of orders, but we’ll do our best then!

And the second installment of “Emirio Friends” is now available.
I’m also working hard on this one.

The trial version is scheduled for the end of next week, but it will also be released on the 24th, so I hope people can play it in between.

Now, let’s talk about my hobby.
In the previous title “relations”, I had Akagi (a cruiser before she was converted to an aircraft carrier), Ise, Yamashiro, Kirishima, and other battleships, but in “Friends”, except for the main character (battleship: Hyuga) and Shia (battleship: Bismarck), I have mainly cruisers.

First of all, let’s start with the cruiser “Mogami”, from which “Yui Mogami” got her name.
It was originally built as a light cruiser with five 15.5cm triple main guns (due to the tonnage issue of the Disarmament Treaty).
Later, the main guns were replaced with 20.3cm twin turrets, and the ship became a heavy cruiser, and then two of the rear turrets, No. 4 and No. 5, were removed, and it became an air cruiser that could carry seaplanes.
Note that even though it is an aviation cruiser, it is not a cruiser + aircraft carrier.
The heroine, Megumi Hyuga, is also an aviation battleship (the rear 5th and 6th turrets have been removed to make the maintenance deck), so I named the heroine most closely related to the hero “Mogami”.

The kit was produced by Tamiya Model in the 1/700 Waterline series.
The base was Suzuya, so in addition to the parts as a heavy cruiser, they added air cruiser parts, so it was a plastic model that could be enjoyed in two ways.
Incidentally, the 15.5cm triple turret that was equipped at first was later the secondary turret of the battleships “Yamato” and “Musashi”. And it has been converted to the main gun of the last United Fleet flagship “Ooyodo”.

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